Because everyone experiences transition.

At TSI, our expertise is in finding transitional solutions for companies from the private sector, the public sector, and the not-for-profit sector. Each of these respective business segments will experience change at some point. The manner of work, insight, and guidance that we provide facilitates with the planning and execution of the types of transitions that any business or organization can benefit from. Simply put, we can help with your organization’s point of transition. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or just need the perfect business plan, we deal with the fine details and monotonous tasks that you don’t want to. We’ll put it on paper, structure the plan, and make it happen.

tran·si·tion /noun/

the process or a period of changing from one particular state or condition to another.

Public Sector

Our team has held positions as CAO’s, Directors, Managers and in governance positions in both urban and rural municipalities, the provincial government and arm’s length public agencies. We understand the challenges facing the public sector on all levels of governance and administration. Our ability to comprehend and mitigate these challenges while taking your organization forward in the most efficient and effective manner makes us the perfect fit to take your team through your transition.

Private Sector

Whether its dealing with your stakeholders, customers or board of directors, Transitional Solutions understands the private sector for both large scale, multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations or small, home grown mom and pop businesses. Our ability to look at your business model, your communications frameworks, your ability to grow into new markets or to downsize into a more manageable structure, makes Transitional Solutions the best choice to lead you through your transition.

Not-for-Profit Sector

The complexities, challenges and opportunities facing the Not-For-Profit sector in our current economic climate is something that Transitional Solutions understands better than most. Our ability to look at your organizational structure, your communications channels both internally and externally and your ability to operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible makes Transitional Solutions the best choice to guide you through your transition.

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