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Town of Beaverlodge Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Fulltime Position

Reporting to Council, the Chief Administrative Officer provides a professional leadership and direction to the management team of the Town of Beaverlodge. Leading a team of 6 direct reports with a total staff compliment of over 40, the CAO provides overall supervision of all departments as well as the development of policies and programs for the Town of Beaverlodge. As the administrative head of the Town, the Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the overall operation of the Town in accordance with the objectives, plans, programs and policies approved by Council and in accordance with the various Provincial or Federal statutes and municipal bylaws.



– Leads and facilitates the management team: responsible for their productivity and cooperation and the full participation of all areas of the organization.
– Ensures, sustains and models productive workplace management practices such as ongoing performance feedback and accountability, full staff participation with delegated responsibility and ownership, open sharing of information and performance-based rewards.
– Coaches and mentors’ staff: ensure ongoing staff development, cross-training and multi-tasking and succession planning.
– Supports staff recommendations to Council and provides positive recognition for their efforts while accepting the responsibility for mistakes.
– Connects with all departments on a regular basis creating open communication and effective engagement with staff to establish an open and team-oriented environment.


– Responsible for continued excellence in all municipal operations such as Finance and Administration, Taxation and Assessment, Public Works, Economic Development, Recreation Services, Community Services and Protective Services
– Ensures and sustains productive workplace practices reducing bureaucracy while providing open sharing and dissemination of information to all staff. Has a focus on customer service, productivity and cost effectiveness through an organizational structure that supports and reflects such practices.
– Ensures a focus on and a measurement of successful outcomes rather than outputs.
– Ensures that all legislative requirements such as those of the Municipal Government Act are adhered to.


– Advises and informs Council on all municipal matters to establish appropriate and well-informed policy direction and decisions.
– Ensures that Council is provided with well documented and researched Agendas, Reports and Requests for Decisions with alternative options, recommended courses of action and cost benefit analysis.
– Ensures that Council is provided with ongoing financial reports which provide an overview of what has been spent as opposed to budgeted and reasons any significant variance.
– Ensures that Council is provided with ongoing management reports that keep Council informed of major activities in each municipal area.
– Works closely with Council in reviewing agenda items, following through on decisions made by Council, informing Council of any potential political issues and maintaining ongoing open dialogue.


– Responsible for ensuring appropriate short and long term operational and strategic planning.
– Provides ongoing leadership in marketing and promoting the development of the municipality at every opportunity, ensuring prospective businesses and residents are provided excellent information, assistance and service.
– Knowledge of the regional strengths and opportunities is an asset.


– Responsible for ensuring an ongoing survey of customer needs, the measurement of how successfully those needs have been met and maintaining high standards of customer service.
– Maintains productive public relations at all times, regularly attends community events, regularly visits local businesses and various community groups and represents the municipality at various other functions, committees, associations, other levels of government, etc.


– Work with Council to continue to identify unique and “out of the box” solutions that provide economic opportunity and prosperity to the community and its stakeholders. Has a “Lets try it!” approach to innovative ideas and processes.
– Assists Council in identifying any risks to the community and establishing appropriate mitigation strategies.
– Ensures that Beaverlodge takes a leadership role on critical issues for the Town within the municipal sector, both in the region and in Alberta.
– Ensure that the Town is organized and well positioned to continue to deliver high quality service to its residents and demonstrate a model for good governance in managing its affairs.

The Person


  • Graduation from the National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration Level I and Level II, business administration, planning or a related field is preferred, however, relevant experience will be considered.
  • Demonstrated success as a senior leader in a progressive and dynamic municipal environment and/or equivalent experience in a complex multi-faceted organization.
  • Recognized as a leader of change, adaption and collaboration in an organization supporting and servicing a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Municipal Government Act and related statutes or equivalent experience managing in a government environment.
  • Practical knowledge and experience in computer systems for municipal or business applications.
  • Appreciation for, and experience in implementing progressive economic development programs in vibrant communities


The CAO will have a progressive leadership record demonstrating positive relationships with key stakeholders, elected officials, staff and the community. She/He will feel equally comfortable as a senior manager or as a “hands-on” team participant. Among other attributes, the following will be important:

Strategic & Business Planning – Provides executive leadership to all corporate initiatives and ensures accountability for achievement of results throughout the Town of Beaverlodge. Employs a “can-do” attitude.

Communication – An open, honest and straightforward style with all audiences; demonstrates candor and respect to all and is prepared to delegate responsibility and accountability.

Interpersonal Skills – Able to effectively build relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. Patient and resilient – embraces challenges while accepting the reality of obstacles. Is flexible and adaptable; works comfortably with individuals, teams and larger committees. Has a positive outlook, a sense of humour and is diplomatic and emotionally mature.

Negotiation Capability – Possesses well-developed negotiation skills – able to resolve conflict and facilitate negotiations with tact and diplomacy.

Integrity & Trust – Possesses impeccable integrity and ethics. Respectful of others and respected by peers. Is honest, sincere, dependable, authentic, and trustworthy. Committed to the Town’s values, vision, and mission and acts as a role model. Is committed to personal growth and development for self and others.

Leadership Skills – Demonstrates a visionary leadership style while giving guidance and support. A mentor and positive role model combined with a practical and common-sense approach. Builds pro-active teams and delegates to them. Is appreciative, engaging, understanding and knowledgeable of municipal issues and concerns. Identifies opportunities, inspires action and achieves results.

Management Skills – Demonstrates a progressive management style, engaging staff to bring forth new ideas and new approaches to solve challenges more effectively and create a better integrated work team.

Customer Service – Instills and demands a high level of customer service; ensures customer needs are identified and addressed and ensures consultation with all citizens in the development of quality service and respect shown for all.

Financial Management – A proven ability to work in a fiscal environment of growth and lead with a strong sense of service. Timely and efficient in all budgeting, financing and information reporting.

Volunteer Service – Presents a strong commitment to comprehensive community services, a demonstrated belief in volunteers and willingness to become an integral part of the community.

A Professional – Acts as an integral part of a leadership team and displays high ethical standards and an honest, open-minded and consistent approach to working with staff and citizens.

Self-Confidence – Possesses confidence in own skills and abilities, is able to make difficult decisions and stand by them and demonstrate a positive attitude.

Planning & Organizing – Can marshal resources to get things done; uses resources and effectively and efficiently; sets clear expectations; designs practical processes and procedures; ensures accountability through the implantation of a workable performance management system.

Politically Astute –Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions; prepared to provide council with solid and informed recommendations.


A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary and excellent benefits. Further details will be discussed further in a personal interview.

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