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The Importance of Emergency Planning for Municipalities

By TSI | May 28, 2018

Does your municipality have an effective and well-planned out strategy to put in place in the event of an emergency or natural disaster? Risks and threats t ...

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How well do you know your local Fire Department?

By Erica Thomas | May 26, 2018

I want to start by saying that I am by no means an Emergency Management professional or expert. I am however very fortunate to work with a team of experts ...

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5 Steps to take your Public Participation Policy from Administrative to Actionable

By Cynthia Goddard | May 15, 2018

Article Summary Developing public participation procedures and toolkits helps your municipality streamline and get the most out of your engagement activit ...

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Building a Value-Add Public Participation Policy

By Cynthia Goddard | Apr 21, 2018

Article Summary The revised Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) that came into force in October 2017 requires municipalities to implement a Public Part ...

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Don't Forget the Tactical Plan

By Erica Thomas | Feb 12, 2018

Over my years consulting and working in both the public and private sector, I can’t count how many times I have either facilitated or gone through a busin ...

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Council Strategic Planning

By Erica Thomas | Feb 12, 2018

With the newly elected Councils last fall, transitions are always key to the smooth operation of a municipality.  Each election brings together experienced ...

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