With the newly elected Councils last fall, transitions are always key to the smooth operation of a municipality. Each election brings together experienced politicians with new ones, and everyone has a new role to play in shaping the future of their city, town, or village.

One of the tasks that councillors undertake right at the beginning of their mandate is the development of a strategic plan for their community. This plan should encompass short term goals – one year out, for example, and long term goals encompassing the entire four-year mandate of the council, and even beyond. Ideally, Councils will begin their mandate by exploring the priorities of stakeholders within the community (residents, businesses, NGOs) to ensure that their actions align with the needs of the community. With new Councils all over the province working toward formulation of strategic plans, municipal administrations are tasked to make their visions a reality.

Senior administrations must use these strategic plans to formulate business and tactical plans that are attached to personal performance objectives that ensure that every single person is working toward the goals set out in the strategic plan.

Sound complicated? It is. It’s also really, really important to get it right. The strategic plan is a roadmap for four years of governance, and if it’s wrong, the community gets shortchanged. That’s why outside help in managing the transition from council to council can be an important part of strategic plan formulation. As a leader in transition management, Transitional Solutions Incorporated (TSI) has developed expertise that can help your municipality overcome the challenges of transition, and design a plan that will help your Council implement strategies that will help your municipality succeed. With offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Grande Prairie, we’re ideally located to help councils in all Alberta communities. Our home is Western Canada, so we understand the issues and challenges facing your Council intimately, because we live it.

We offer best-in-class methods in workforce strategy, knowledge management, process optimization and performance measurement. We will help your Council collect and synthesize information from stakeholders, assist in formulation of your strategic plan, and help administrative staff develop and implement a business plan that will help make your vision a reality in a measureable way.

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