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Our Expertise

TSI Services

Transitional Solutions offers best-in-class methods in workforce strategy, knowledge management, process optimization, performance measurement and interim management, with a reputation for integrity, commitment and hard work. We have an established track record of tactical and strategic implementation that truly achieves our clients’objectives.

Training and Education

Convenient, Cost Effective Training .

A partnership between Transitional Solutions Inc. and the LGAA to provide convenient, cost effective, comprehensive online and in person training

Communications and Engagement

Marketing solutions for your product, organization or campaign.

Transitional Solutions provides all-encompassing marketing solutions for your product, organization or campaign.

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Governance and Strategy

TSI’s team of retired Chief Administrative Officers, Government Officials, Industry and Public Sector Strategists, puts them at the forefront in assisting municipalities, government agencies and private sector in the review, development and facilitation of their governance and strategic planning.

Human Resources

Your TSI Human Resources team has experience in management, development and of course human resources. Hire a team that has sat in the chair you are looking to coach, or who can fill the chair while we recruit a replacement. TSI is here to bridge your human resource gaps.

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Facilitation Services

TSI can be the neutral third party you need to help your team achieve their objectives.  Whether it is a contentious issue that needs mediating or a team that needs building, TSI has expert facilitators in all subject matters.

Leadership Training

With TSI leadership programs , we can help you with Coaching , Mentoring , and Development of new and current leaders in your organization.


Emergency Services

TSI has a team of Fire Chiefs, Industrial Emergency and Disaster Managers, Emergency Communications Professionals and a Fire Engineer ready to help you review and test, develop or regionalize your emergency services. Our experience doing tabletop exercises for both private and public sector clients allows us to understand the intricacies involved with emergency and disaster planning.