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Transitional Solutions offers best-in-class methods in workforce strategy, knowledge management, process optimization, performance measurement and interim management, with a reputation for integrity, commitment and hard work. We have an established track record of tactical and strategic implementation that truly achieves our clients’objectives.

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Municipal Governance

TSI assists organizations in both the public and private sectors in the governance of their organizations. This includes policies, bylaws, structure, conduct, etc. Whether it is a new organization or a long-standing one, TSI can assist in the transition of governance models or the important pieces that help frame that governance model.

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Regional Collaboration

In October of 2017, the Government of Alberta launched the Modernized Municipal Government Act which among other areas has mandated that all municipalities to have to have inter-municipal collaboration frameworks (ICF’s) within two years. These frameworks will highlight and formalize existing collaborative work across the province, and provide a forum for neighbouring municipalities to work closely together to better manage growth, coordinate service delivery, and optimize resources for citizens.

TSI, in partnership with ISL Engineering can assist with the following:

  •  Building inter-municipal capacity to respond to regional issues
  •  Increase service levels to residents through collaborative service delivery
  •  Facilitate Inter-Municipal Development Plans
  •  Build effective regional relationships
  •  Investigate options for regional governance in a variety of service areas
  •  Discuss regional collaboration with residents and businesses
  •  Facilitate discussions with neighbours
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Organizational Development

TSI goes into organizations and reviews their current service levels, their workflows, policies, procedures, organizational structure, relationships with other departments or partner organizations and the culture of their organization. TSI works very closely with staff to understand the organization and looks for areas to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of said organization. TSI also assists in change management, assisting the organization in their transition to the new structure, or the development of new or improved procedures, workflows, etc.

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