Together We Make a Difference

Transitional Solutions Inc. is a team of seasoned, trustworthy, multi-disciplinary specialists. We are professional, pro-active and refreshingly straightforward. We embrace a comprehensive approach to transition, through a rigorous yet easy-to-understand and completely transparent process with one objective: to assist your organization in its time of transformation.

Strength in Unity

Our professionals have demonstrated competency in an enormous variety of disciplines. TSI has over 350 years of combined public and private sector experience. Yes, you read correctly. Our team members collectively possess decades of extensive knowledge and experience in municipal governance, regional collaboration, organizational development, emergency management, and so much more. We are adept in domains that span across all sectors, including private, public and not-for-profit.

Our Team

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Erica Thomas, MBA, Ec.D
Chief Executive Officer

Cory Thomas, B.Ed
Chief Operating Officer

Larry E. Kirkpatrick, MBA
Senior Municipal Governance Consultant

Douglas Lagore
Municipal Management Consultant

Ron Cust
Provincial & Municipal Governance Expert
Dave McReynolds
Municipal Finance Expert
Shawna Bruce
Emergency Management & Engagement Professional
Kerri Holmes
Best Practices Specialist
Stephen Kowalishin
Associate Consultant
David Dmytryshyn, CLGM
Senior Municipal Operations Consultant
Douglas Henderson
Municipal Management Consultant
Daniel Blackburn
Emergency Management Consultant
Tyler Brady
Emergency Management
Michelle Brady
Project Coordination

Keven Lefebvre
Senior Emergency Management Consultant

Ross Mann
Software & Information Technology Expert
Kevin M. Robins
Kelly VanOuwerkerk
Human Resource Management Expert

Judy Unsworth
Emergency Management Consultant

Monty Armstrong, MA
Senior Emergency Management Expert

Leo Ludwig
Municipal Management Consultant

John Lindsay
Senior Consultant

Michel Savard
Municipal Management Consultant

David Olinger
Engagement & Communications Expert

Richard (Rick) J. Samotej
Emergency & Security Expert
William Spence Sample
Emergency Management Consultant
Larry Wall
Senior Recreation & Engagement Consultant

Trent West
Emergency Management

Deanne Bannerman
Projects Coordinator & Assessment Expert

Sarah Geisler, BPE, MBA
Engagement & Sustainability Expert
Mike Koziol, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Municipal Governance Consultant

Katie van Buuren, B. Comm, MBA
Analytics & Process Improvement Specialist

Robert (Bob) Scott, BAppBus:ES, ECFO
Senior Emergency Management Consultant

Luke Beer, M.A.
Agriculture & Development Expert

Vern Elliott
Senior Emergency Management Consultant

John Simmons, MBA, B. Sc.
Senior Consultant

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