June Rorke

June Rorke

Engagement & Public Consultation Expert

An experienced and enthusiastic Community Relations Advisor with 14 years of success building relationships with stakeholders in the public and private sector. June’s diverse work history began in the public sector with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services as a political advisor and in government relations then continued into the private sector in the Oil and Gas industry, specializing in regulatory and stakeholder affairs, particularly with First Nations. June’s ability to facilitate meaningful consultation as well as advancing relationships and partnership opportunities through well-developed political awareness and cultural sensitivity brings a new dynamic to the TSI team.

Current Responsibilities

Associate Consultant

Years of Experience





University of Alberta – Bachelor of Arts in Economics


Stakeholder Engagement
Public Consultation

Public Consultation Experience

  • Championed the City of St. Albert’s public consultation process to gather input on the community’s perspectives on public engagement, which resulted in recommendations for the Public Engagement Policy and the Public Engagement Management Plan.
  • Reviewed the public consultation results and summary and provided input on key principles, outcomes and directions for consideration in the review of the draft Council Policy.
  • Provided written advice to Council on the proposed Public Engagement Policy based on the public consultation findings.
  • Developed and delivered presentations on oil sands plans and activities to facilitate meaningful consultation and sharing.
  • Completed 40 successful First Nation Consultation regulatory submissions from assessment to achieving adequacy including some more challenging applications with larger environmental footprints. Resulted in no objections from the First Nations therefore no delays for the project.

Stakeholder Engagement Experience

  • Played a lead role in building and sustaining industry, community, environmental and Aboriginal relations through knowledge transfer, issues management, consultation and negotiation.
  • Established and maintained positive working relationships with key Aboriginal groups in support of two Oil Sands projects by participating and volunteering in various community events.
  • Coordinated with internal and external stakeholders to implement commitments and action plans arising from project, applications, MOU’s and discussions with stakeholders to ensure there are no objections and delays with projects.
  • Counselled strategic advice relating to community and political stakeholder issues to internal departments as part of project planning processes.
  • Developed and received departmental approval for the company’s Trapper Engagement Standard to enhance the company’s social licence to operate and maintain positive relationships with local Trappers.

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